Don't forget the fellas...

"OMG…. OK after a hellish week I had to try to relax last night before I started a new week… Hot bubble bath with essential oils, Remy VSOP, Miles Davis/ Johnny Hartman mix, and, OF COURSE, NIX+BOW #10. Who said the fellas don't need pampering too?"  - JazzyOne, NYC (Candle #10)


More "ME TIME" Revolutionaries!

"LOVING the scent!" Judy, Ocala, FL (Candle #12)

"After three days of bday activities...mama gets some downtime. And time to light my new -best smelling candle ever- Nix + Bow #4." Kerry, San Leandro, CA (Candle #4)

"ME time...sponsored (and scented) by NIX+BOW." Phoenix, CEO, NIX+BOW (Candle #1)


judy 1.jpg