More Happy Customer Testimonials!

"TRUST & BELIEVE that Nix + Bow is not simply a candle, it is a yummydelicious scent-ual experience. From the moment the candle arrived, my nose was caressed with the most delightful aroma dancing of out the box before I even opened it. All I could do was smell, smile, smell, smile. Smell. Smile..."  Lauren, St. Louis, MO (Candle #2)

"Smells DELISH!!!" Laurel, San Francisco, CA (Candle #11)  Laurel, San Francisco, CA (Candle #11)

"I am in pure scented heaven. This candle is everything!" Shelley, Venice, CA (Candle #1)

"Got my candle today. OMG No 7 soooooo good!!!!" Jim, Las Vegas, NV (Candle #7)

 "Came home from a trip to the amazing candle!!!" Billy, Los Angeles, CA (Candle #12)