Ever walk into a store or your favorite boutique hotel and instantly felt at ease?  Chances are you experienced scent marketing, a deliberate attempt to reach you in a powerful yet subconscious way.

Brands around the world are now including your nose as part of their marketing efforts.  The goal is to not only familiarize you with their products via sight, touch and sound, but also on a deeply sensual level through your sense of smell.  Think of it as an olfactory "logo" emblazoned into your memory for years to come.

NIX+BOW has quickly become a favorite among the elite thanks to our unconventional yet clean scent profiles.  Quite by accident, we discovered that our fragrances pair well in environments such as boutique hotels, high end residences and fine retail.  Retailers who burn NIX+BOW candles during business hours have commented that customers often browse longer and spend more per transaction versus when the store is left unscented.  This led us to a bit of an epiphany.  Why not offer businesses a more robust alternative to our candles and help them maximize the short time they have customers in the store while still providing a beautiful, lightly scented environment for all to enjoy?

Thus, NIX+BOW Scent Marketing Division was borne.

By combining our signature scent profiles with AirAroma's game-changing cold air diffusion technology we are able to create the same beautifully scented, environmentally friendly atmosphere found in our candle clients' homes with tremendous residual benefit to our business clients' bottom line.

As an ex-realtor, I made a point of scenting my sale and rental properties well in advance of potential buyers and renters walking through.  I always received unsolicited comments about how amazing the space smelled and would watch people linger much longer and ask more questions of me than when I'd left the spaces unscented.  Resultantly, I believe, my sales and rentals increased and I quickly became renowned for my "luxuriously scented" open houses.

We will be launching this program in beta in Los Angeles, CA shortly with Pinnacle Family Properties' Museum Gardens Apartments.  If you are interested in participating in this beta and you are a property manager, fine retailer or top producing real estate agent, please contact us via the CONTACT page link on this site.  Someone will be in touch with you shortly.

We are excited for this expansion into fine retail, hospitality and real estate while continuing to make good on our promise of making the world a better (looking and smelling) place.

AirAroma Aromax Diffusers can be found at and soon at  They're INCREDIBLE!

AirAroma Aromax Diffusers can be found at and soon at  They're INCREDIBLE!